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Provably fair
A ticket represents $0.01 in bet value (1 Ticket = $0.01 of the skin you submitted, Ex: $10.00 Skin = 1000 Tickets). The more tickets a player has, the more chances of winning he gets. As soon as both players have joined to coinflip, the winning ticket number will be calculated based on the random percentage and the total number of tickets with the following formula:
floor((TotalNumberOfTickets - 0.0000000001) * (winnerPercentage / 100)
If winning ticket is between [0-50)%, then the winner side is Terrorist. Otherwise, if winning ticket is between [50-100)% then the winner side is Counter-Terrorist.
Round hash
The hash is a sha256 encryption of the round secret and winning percentage in the following format percentage+secret (no plus sign, two concatenated strings). When the round is over, both the secret and the winning percentage are revealed.
Round hash verify
We have created a sample code to check the provability of your game, by generating the same outcome hash from the percentage and secret combination. It can be found here.